Beth Lamont

Hello! I’m Beth. I have worked in the entertainment industry for 20 years, with the past 6 of those in Ballarat including a comedy club, mobile cinema, various major events and creative projects.

Fibre Lane, pictured above, was showcased at White Night 2017.

entertainment + events

BallaRatCat Comedy

Since 2013, the George Hotel has played host to my monthly comedy nights. With big name acts and a laid-back atmosphere, it’s a much loved mainstay of the Ballarat entertainment scene.
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Movie Garden

A mobile, indoor/outdoor cinema. Three seasons were run between 2016 and 2017, showing retro and family friendly movies with fake grass, beanbags and popcorn. Where will Movie Garden pop-up next?


Major Events

Since 2016 I have worked on several major events in Ballarat, including Rockabilly Festival (2016), Ballarat Begonia Festival (2017, 2018), Ballarat Heritage Weekend (2017, 2018) and Summer Sundays (2108). My work included creative content development and delivery; performer, stakeholder and volunteer coordination and event and venue management.

In the olden days…

Prior to moving to Ballarat in 2010, I worked at some of the most incredible venues, events and festivals the world has to offer.

creative work + projects

Virtual Tours of Ballarat

For Heritage Weekend 2018.

Robot Workshop

Family activity for Heritage Weekend 2018.

Fibre Lane

For Laneway Lumières 2016 and White Night Ballarat 2017.

Comedy for Kids

An all-ages comedy show for Ballarat Cabaret Festival 2014.